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Rich and varied, the cuisine of this region is one of its main attractions. 

They make the delight of connoisseurs, the flavors of the soup of Beira , the Migas in Olive Oil, the Carqueja rice, ranch to Viseu fashion, the Roasted Veal Lafões Fashion, rice deLampreia, the Paiva Trout, Smoked meats and many others. Famous they are also varieties of bread, mix, rye, corn bread, that can accompany a meal or a cheese beautiful da Serra.
You can also savor some sweets, made based on old recipes, such as Cream or milk riceSweet Stylish Village, Pudding Cottage cheese or bread, Corn Popes, or a variety of cakes and traditional pastries.

The table

The filled to Pork , the goat to calf and rabbit , the cod and trout are some of the most widely used products in this region that serve every table. Prepare the stomach, because here the dishes are dense and well watered by the wines of the region Dão-Lafões . Veal and baked lamb, rabbit, salami rice, pickled trout, baked cod, spare ribs with greens and chorizo ​​ and ranch stylish Viseu are some of the dishes that not flee the borders demanding tables. Here also use the balls , which can be meat , cod or sardines . For dessert predominant tradition: rice pudding , the bread-cake and delicious Viriatos that may be eaten warm on various pastries in town 

Maria Xica

is a restaurant / bar in the historic center of Viseu

In a rehabilitated building in the tradition. Portuguese, has different spaces, variable small or large meals and small or big nights out.

The kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where the flavor remains as before, but with a "twist". As the bar Gin. Which incidentally is seen more on dinner tables, or lunch, when there is sun on the terrace.

With a regular schedule, hosting several artists of visual arts and music, which basically are always renewing soul of Mary xica

Address: Master Floor Street 23, 3500-111, Viseu, 351-232435391

Lunch: Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00

Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 to 23:30

Table See

This space, exquisite and modern, located in the historic area, has two rooms decorated with panels, combines two fundamental concepts: the warmth in service and quality in meals confection, thereby adjusting it to the various customers.

Address: Rua Grão Vasco, 29 and 31, 3500-138 Viseu

Hours: Always open

Typical Restaurant The Tenement

considered as the gastronomic stronghold of Viriato Region, is located right in the heart of Historic City of Viseu City .

For neighborhood has an important espólito of architectural values: from the Cathedral to the Grão Vasco Museum, the Belvedere House to Casa do Adro, without forgetting the statue of King Duarte, who gets you even more the foot.

Dom Zeferino, its founder, walked through the villages of the region in the culinary art of the survey, the survey of uses and customs in the investigation of ancient recipes that old still kept the oral tradition.

these crops resulted dishes that daily are part of the diverse menu, some of which we highlight: Rotten cod rotting in the cellar; tenrinho fried octopus like butter; fireworks with black pudding as they do in the villages; kid the pastor of the Serra; feijoada stylish created the Lord Abbot; vitelinha in the clay pot farmer; Rabbit drunk three days in life and carqueija rice.

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